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Powerful Peaceful Parenting, Changing Children Changing Lives, is a little book with much power!
“Dr. Haynes has tenderly harnessed her personal parenting experiences and blended them artfully with professional expertise, to help bring peace to simple daily activities all parents share. As one who believes that body, mind, AND spirit, intrinsically flows together, and each element must find harmony with the other for healing and peace, I especially applaud Dr. Haynes for her spiritual direction and use of scripture. Her straightforward advice is uncomplicated, practical, and clearly generates from her true center. Powerful Peaceful Parenting, Guiding Children Changing Lives, is more than a book; it is a path to peaceful parenting for all caregivers.”
Deborah A. Beasley, Parent Educator and Family Behavioral Consultant
Author of: Successful Foster Care Adoption, Emotional Journey Uncommon Love; and, Sweet Pickles, The Girl Who Would Not Speak

"Dr. Stacy Haynes is empowering parents to hold a heart-centered space for themselves and their children through her Clinical Therapy, Radio Show, and her new book, Powerful Peaceful Parenting. In Powerful Peaceful Parenting, Dr. Haynes takes parents on a journey of the most common yet pivotal areas where children and parents tend to disagree and she takes the guesswork out of parenting through her proven and practical strategies, as well as inspires parents to see the glory and light in themselves and their children. Having read a myriad of parenting books in my private practice, Powerful Peaceful Parenting is truly a breath of fresh air. If you want to walk away feeling optimistic and excited about your children vs. overwhelmed and discouraged, this book is a parenting must-have!"
Crystal V. Pizarro, MA, LPC, NCC, CHLC, CNWC, Advanced Wellness Solutions LLC

What a great read. The points for parents are so logical and the incorporation of scripture to assist parents with the spiritual side of parenting is a GREAT idea. As a Registered Play Therapist and a Social Worker that has worked with dozens of parents and foster parents, these suggestions and tips would be invaluable tools in setting expectations and assisting parents with the enjoyment of parenting and using different strategies to incorporate peace into the process. I will definitely use the strategies identified in the book and will recommend this one to my parents. I will include it in my Lending Library for my parents to read and incorporate into their daily lives.
Y. Mimi Ryans,LCSW-C, LICSW, RPT
Owner, Lighthouse Center for Therapy & Play, LLC Elkridge, MD

What great technique this book has to offer parents! I have used these with my daughter and have gotten great results! Looking forward to exploring more!!
Ana Perez-Guerrero MSN, RN ,Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Virtua Hospital

Dr.Haynes is a outstanding motivational speaker that has captured the hearts of so many youths and their families. Her personal desire to see our youth strive and excel in their surrounding has enhance the development of my mentoring group(Men Empowering Nations). Dr.Haynes is a blessing to this community and each family she is associated with that has a desire to change.
Virgil l. Carman Jr., President, Men Empowering Nations

Thank you so much for helping to turn my family around. I was a mom struggling with ADHD and trying to keep my head above water with my husband and four children who are diagnosed with various disabilities. Through your gentle, empathetic approach and passion for teaching me and my husband how to communicate effectively with each other and our children, we have grown stronger as a family unit. We are actually listening and helping our children, and each other, feel valued and respected while learning how to meet each other's needs effectively.
Thank you!
Parent V.A.

Dr. Haynes is a powerful, profound woman of God with an abundant evangelical love for children. One would question why does this person exalt Dr. Hayes with such passion? Well, glad you inquired. I have had the pleasure of embarking upon a journey with Dr. Haynes in which she pulled a brilliant young 12 year old girl from the brink of disaster after a traumatic divorce. "Miss Stacy" affectionately known by the now collegiate honor student. Who currently attends one of our nations HBCU (Historical Black College University) matriculating toward a doctorate degree as a neonatologist is a testimony to Dr. Haynes' passion toward the advancement of our children and young adults. If you hadn't figured it out yet, Let me enlighten you! That young girl now young woman is my daughter. Now, the backside of this testimonial. Dr. Haynes during our journey also helped me become a better father, teacher and friend( with parental boundaries) to my growing daughter. As a father in Law Enforcement, a Military Veteran who served during Operation Desert Shield Desert Storm and a member of the clergy Dr. Haynes also equipped me with an added skill set which allowed me to do away with the "Do as I say do" over protective mindset. Dr. Haynes reinforced in me parenting with passion. She reinforced plant the seed of love, affection and healthy two-way communication and give her space grow. Dr. Haynes' counseling techniques are tried and proven effective. I'm a witness.
Minister Mark J. Benjamin Sr.

Dr. Haynes successfully blended elements of personal experience and professional clinical and research experience to create a finished product filled with evidence- based methods for successful, Godly parenting. This book is a “must have” for any parent or professional working with a client on development of effective parenting strategies. It was an easy read, full of great advice on how to "peacefully" parent your children during the sometimes stressful tasks and daily activities associated with raising God's most precious gifts.
Shannon White, MSW, LCSW, Life Coach/Mental Health Therapist, Kingdom Care Education & Counseling Services,LLC

Thank you so much for sharing your book sample with us! It's a beautiful, gentle approach to using spiritual guidance as an undercurrent to support raising children in a loving meaningful way. Families will benefit from the tangible strategies that you incorporate into your live sessions. Thank you for teaching us how to build our children's self esteem and inner being through real daily living. Your approach reminds us to respect our children for their individuality and promote their independence so in time they, too, can be productive, happy adults that have learned how to respect others and communicate effectively in life!
Val, parent

You have done a marvelous job of articulating and arranging how to start the day right for each child and family from the very moment its day break. Behaviors in classrooms and work places start with each families preparedness for the day ahead and with the manner with which they ease into the new day or not. This is professionally done, yet simple enough for the kindergartner to understand. Congratulations and thank you.
Dr Bukola Ogunkua MD, MPH,CPRP, LPC, Chief Clinical Officer, CGS Family Partnership, Inc.

Power Peaceful Parenting addresses parenting struggles using clinically-based strategies and the often overlooked, but highly important, aspect of religion. Parents reading this book and completing the exercises will certainly develop the skills with which they can really parent powerfully and live happier, peaceful lives. Dr. Haynes offers clear recommendations and practical solutions that will guide parents on a journey of better parenting and overall well-being. This book is a great addition to any parent's library.
Dr. Ashley Strathren, Strathern Associates, LLC

I love this book! I do not have children yet, but the principles that Dr. Haynes introduces are simple yet so profound. When I do have a family I will be prepared to change my children and change our life just like the book outlines. The scriptures are on point and hit the nail on the head with every scenerio. I like the way Dr. Haynes allows you to reflect on the way you parent and impart knowledge to you about making subtle changes to help change your childrens lives. A must read!!!
Lisa Wilkinson MSN, RN (owner of Cool Pics by Lisa)

A refreshing and novel approach to parenting, Powerful Peaceful Parenting is a fantastic reference to guide parents through the everyday challenges of parenting children. With a spiritual heart and mind, Dr. Stacy Haynes guides readers through practical parenting that promotes peace and love and places the parent-child relationship at the forefront. Through prompts and reflective questioning, Dr. Haynes personally connects with her audience to promote personal and unique application of her knowledge. This book will allow readers to remove the stress from parenting through simple and easily executed tips and will promote healthier, happier families overall.
Kristen D’Amico, MA, LAC, Co host Parenting Tips 2 Go w/ Dr. Stacy Radio Show

I'd like to take a moment and praise Dr Stacy Haynes for the difference she has made in my family's life. I must admit when I first met with Dr. Haynes, I was at the very least skeptical. But things at home with our children were out of control and my wife and I were exhausted from all the yelling, arguing, and choas of our everyday homelife. So we decided to implement Dr. Haynes' behavioral program into our daily routine. At first it was awkward, but to my amazement it actually started working. Our children, our marriage all improved and much faster than I thought would be possible. Everyone including myself became more pleasant to be around. What I can offer you is free advice, give Dr. Haynes and her strategy a chance I'm quite confient it will also improve your quality of life with your spouse and children.
Phil, Parent